Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Before I forget - What she likes & doesn't like edition

Let me just be frank here.  Abby is persnickety. 
She's picky, particular and finicky. 
The girl likes what she likes & strongly dislikes so much else.
Most of these tend to be seen in her fashion & food choices. 
Let's review -

What she likes:
tights...especially colorful & patterned
knee-high socks...especially colorful & patterned
cute little shorts & skirts
clip in bows & headbands for her hair
summer shoes...anything that looks like a Croc
zipper sweatshirts
wide-bottom PJ pants
ham & cheese

What she strongly dislikes:
anything poufy
pull over sweatshirts
squeeze-bottom PJ pants
button-up shirts and PJ tops
tight pants
matching outfits
potatoes...mashed, smashed or baked

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