Monday, February 17, 2014

Prep Team - Mason Jar Salads

Meet my prep team.
Each Sunday, they are my little helpers who help assemble our weekly lunch Mason Jar Salads.
Folks... these girls have this thing down to a science.
And they're pretty cute, too!
The fix'ins
 First layer - dressing of choice
 Next few layers - any yummy veggies

Final layer - lettuce!
Always, always, always put the dressing on the bottom & the lettuce on top so they there is no soggy lettuce & it stays crisp all week! 
 Tops on!
Whenever you're ready to eat, grab a fork, flip, shake and pour into a bowl & enjoy!
 At the beginning of each week, our fridge is stocked with salads that are easy-peasy to grab for lunch or dinner on the fly!
Just one more way we are teaching the kids to eat healthy!

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