Friday, May 31, 2013

Would you Rather

Just for fun, I thought I would ask Thomas a round of "Would you Rather" questions & see how his mind and preferences were working.  He loved it and sat on the edge of his seat waiting anxiously for each question.  After hearing each one, he always let out a little giggle and had an ear-to-ear grin on his face as he carefully thought through his reply.  Let's review:
Would you rather...
  1. ... skip Christmas for a year OR skip your birthday for a year?  Skip Christmas - I really like cake (and of course the presents) so I have to have my birthday.
  2. ... live underwater and swim with the fish OR be able to travel through space and touch the stars?  Travel through space - it would be so cool to see aliens, beautiful stars & comets.  I've only seen those in my books but I've seen fish lots of times before.
  3. ... swim in a pool filled with Kool-Aid OR go ice skating on a mountain of frozen lemonade?  Swim in a Kool-Aid pool - because you can drink the water then.
  4. ... have magical powers to save the world OR be the strongest person in the world?  Magical powers - I could fight the bad guys & help lots of people.
  5. ... have a dinosaur OR a blue whale for a pet?  Dinosaur - because they are reptiles and I love them.  My dinosaur would have to live in the garage, there just isn't enough space in my room.
  6. ... have a real Transformers car OR have a space shuttle in your backyard?  Real Transformer Car - it will turn into a robot & they can go so super fast.  And to top it off they have like 5,000 batteries in them.  So cool.
  7. ... like to live in Disney World OR SeaWorld?  Disney World - I would get to see Lightening McQueen, Mickey, and Jake & his crew (and all of the other Disney characters) every day.
  8. ... drink a glass full of liquid soap OR eat 2 spoons of soap? {after giving me the disgusting face look}  Drink soap -  because the bubbles and soap chunks wouldn't get stuck in your teeth.
  9. ... not watch TV OR not eat junk food for a month?  No candy for a month - Candy isn't good for you anyway.  Eating too much of it gives you tummy aches.
  10. ... eat 2 rotten, squishy tomatoes OR eat a small can of dog food?  Dog food - because rotten & squished food makes you not strong.  Besides, if dog food is good for dogs, don't you think it could be good for us too?
  11. ... be the best soccer player on the team OR be the smartest kid in class?  Smartest kid in class - I wouldn't need instructions & would know everything.  Duh.
  12. ... be able to fly whenever you want OR be invisible?  Fly - I could catch birds out of the sky... and then I could fry them up & eat them.
  13. ... eat only vanilla-flavored ice cream for an entire summer OR eat any flavor, but for only a week of summer?  Vanilla ice cream - because that would mean I would get ice cream all summer long and if you're hot, you can eat it and it will cool you off.
  14. ... only be able to whisper OR only be able to shout?  Shout - because everyone would be able to hear me all of the time and I would never have to repeat myself.
  15. ... be a giant hamster OR a tiny rhino?  Giant hamster - giants are stronger; I don't want to be tiny and weak.
  16. ... be hairy all over OR completely bald?  Hairy - Just like in the story "Gary & Hairy", the turtle has fur & stays warm in the winter.  Since we are in Alaska Mom, I would want to be hairy so I could stay warm also.
  17. ... always lose at the game/races you play in OR never play at all?  Play, but lose - at least I get to play with my friends. {I have to admit, I wasn't sure at all how he was going to answer that one}
  18. ... have a freakishly huge smile OR a freakishly small nose?  Huge smile - everyone would know how happy I really am.

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