Sunday, May 12, 2013

Perfect Mother's Day

I say this half-joking, half-serious. Know what I think every mother should get on Mother's Day?

The whole house to themselves for an eight hour stretch... with no expectation of accomplishing anything.  I just want to lie on my own couch, watch DVRed shows, eat food without interruption... you know... do what I want to do.

Now with that said, the problem with me even if I did have that perfect Mother's Day, I would run around like a mad, crazy woman trying to accomplish as many "to do" tasks that never get done because of my kiddos are forever "all up in my Chili" when I try to complete a project, or clean a closet out, or reorganize something.  If I had time alone, I would go-go nonstop until someone (aka: Daddy) brought them home.

The other "flaw" with my Perfect Mother's Day idea is that I want to spend my day (and every day) with my three beautiful children and my husband.  As much as I want a break and time to myself, there is no other place that I would rather be than with my crew.

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