Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'The Girl' Conversation

At the ripe age of not-quite-6-years-old, Thomas and I have had our first, and probably not last, conversation about girls.  More specifically, girls he likes.

Thomas: Mom, Hailee is one of my girlfriends.
Me: ONE of your girlfriends?  There is more than one?
Thomas: Yes, there are a few of them. But, Hailee really is one of my favorites.
Me: Really?
Thomas: I think she is even the girl I need to marry.
Me: Reeeeallllly?????
Thomas: Yep.
Me: Well, why don't you tell me more about her. 
Thomas: She is beautiful.  Her eyes are brown just like mine.  Her hair is blonde - ya, know the same color as Abby's hair.
Me: OK.  Can you tell me what you like about her so much that you want her to be a girlfriend?  Like, is she smart?
Thomas: Of course Mom, she is smart... even smarter than me.
Me: Does she make you laugh? 
Thomas: Of course Mom, she is hilarious!  Her jokes are even funnier than mine.
Me: Hmmmm.

Me: Well, as long as you don't think she is more beautiful, smarter or funnier than me... I guess she can be your girlfriend.
Thomas: Mom, I love you.  You're silly... none of my girlfriends are as good as you.

Ah!  Such a Mama's boy!

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