Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (what season is it anyway? edition)

TGIF Friends!
  • I'm so over packing snow gear in Thomas' school backpack for recess time.  It's May for goodness sake.  And yet, there is still some snow on the playground.
  • Things have taken an interesting turn for our fun summer plans.  Can we say full Alaska experience?  Hope to share more next week.
  • I've decided that I don't know how people drink straight, black coffee.  If it doesn't have Splenda and some hazelnut creamer (or at least 1/2 & 1/2 creamer), it's not even worth drinking.
  • I feel bad saying this (a little), but I couldn't be more happy that places in the Lower 48 got snow this week.  Now they know how we felt when we thought spring had arrived.  Misery certainly does love company.
  • Are we the only people out there who still have GS3 iPhones?  I'm perfectly content with mine, but I wondering how far behind in phone technology we really are.
  • Brian and I have decided that when we move home to Florida (or maybe the next assignment), we will be ready to get another dog.  After all, it has been almost 2 years and 5.5 years since both Zig and Booker died.  But the temptation was there this week when we saw an adorable 10-week old fur ball that needed a good home.
  • Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I've decided to enlist the help of the-always-helpful Pinterest.  Oh. My. Word. are there some cute things out there.  I love that Thomas & Abby are going to help me this weekend put together some little ways to thank their teachers for helping them learn and grow so much this year.

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