Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer (vacation) has begun

Mama Moose & her twins
 Last week of school
 Evening bike ride view
 New birthday present being put to good use
 Holiday weekend BBQ with friends
 One of many toys at the BBQ that brought a LOT of smiles
 Short roadtrip north today that allowed us to get a great view of Denali (aka: Mt. McKinley)

 We arrived at the Montana Creek Campground (2 hours north of Anchorage...between Willow & Talkeetna) and immediately took in the views...

....and enjoyed a picnic lunch together.
Finally, we took possession of our new RV camper which we most certainly plan on putting to use this summer.  Nothing says "Alaskan Summer" like having one of these babies.  

It's official... summer has begun!

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