Monday, May 6, 2013

Ode to Preschool & Kindergarten Teachers

This week many of us are making it a point to thank our child(ren)'s teachers for helping them learn so much this school year.  As a teacher myself, I'm taking a special interest in making sure that both Thomas' and Abby's teachers know how much they (but especially ME) appreciate all they do everyday when they have a classroom full of squirmy, talkative, funny, curious little boys & girls all day long.  Here is a big "thank you" to all the good teachers out there, but most importantly for us, Ms. Workman and Ms. Tiffany.  I think teaching the youngest children (preschool or kindergarten) who are just learning how to be in school at all, takes a special gift & a special person.  Lord knows I couldn't do it - give me high school students any day, but never the youngest students.  My hat is off to both of you.  Thank you for:
  • Your patience.  Having a classroom full of children at different learning levels, different personalities, all of their various emotions, and keeping your calm in the midst of the chaos.  You clearly have angel wings and are destined for heaven already!
  • Your kindness.  You know which children are having a rough day and need a hug, just as you know which children need to be the center of every one's attention or which children will always crack you up with his ridiculous funnies (my child, for one) and you manage that.  You don't coddle them, but you give them as much freedom as possible.
  • Your wisdom.  You have obviously gone to the required "teacher" classes, and you've been doing this for several years, but still... I am amazed at the techniques you successfully use to teach both the academics and real life expectations.
  • Your humor.  You make the class fun and I know how much my child(ren) love being in each of your classes. 
Thank you to all the great teachers out there.  Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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