Thursday, May 9, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week - Giving Thanks

Thanks to some cute ideas from Pinterest and a few crafty friends, this week we aimed to say a big "Thank You" to both Thomas' and Abbigail's teachers who have helped them learn so incredibly much this past year.

Day 1: M&M Teacher
This easy-peasy gift is everywhere on the Internet, but I grabbed my idea from here.
The M&M Poem:

Green is for the inspiration you give me each day.

Blue is for your patience in showing me the way.

Orange is for your warmth and caring style.

Yellow is for the way you always make me smile.

Red is for my life that you have touched this year.

You’re a very special teacher just like this jar, that’s clear.

You place knowledge in our children’s hands

and melt into their hearts and lives forever.

You’re a “Magnificent” & “Marvelous” teacher

Thank you for being my M&M.

Day 2: Smart Cookies
Abbigail and Marilyn were my helpers one afternoon with all the mixing, measuring, and pouring that went on in the kitchen.  Who doesn't love some fresh baked cookies?
Day 3: Quenching the thirst
I won't lie, I stole this idea from an old friend when I saw her do this last year for her son's teachers.  It was too cute to pass up and I knew how much I would have appreciated something like this as a teacher - a big 'O beverage cup + little cute sticky pads.
Day 4: Bottle full of Thanks
A bottle of water + a Crystal Light single serve sleeve!  See here how to make.
Day 5: Personal Thank You Note
From the heart and to his teacher, Thomas thanked her for helping him learn so much this year in Kindergarten.  Nothing screams "sincere thanks" the way a handwritten note from a 5-year old who is about to graduate Kindergarten.

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