Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (clothes, poop, daylight, muscles & bear edition)

I say this cautiously, but... it is finally starting to look like spring up here in Alaska.  Thank goodness, Mother Nature!
  • Thomas changes clothes more often than a girl... it's out of control.  I'm *this* close to putting guidelines and restrictions on how often he can dive into his closet & drawers.
  • His reasons for the aforementioned "overuse of clothes"?  It's too hot, It's too cold, I want to be able to run faster, these socks don't fit right, I want to play Superheros & I need *that* shirt, blah-blah-blah!
  • Out of the blue the other night, Marilyn sat down on her little pink potty and proceeded to read a book.  Two minutes later, she had pooped on the potty.  What????  The girl hasn't even so much as peed a drop up until this point.  Crazy.
  • Those of you who follow the blog... yes, we really did buy an RV camper.  No, neither Brian nor I have ever been RV camping.  Yes, some might call us crazy.  No, we aren't dumb.  Yes, we plan on using the hell out of it this summer.  No, we aren't really sure how everything works in it.  Yes, oh yes, it's going to be an awesome summer filled with LOTS of adventure!
  • Just a warning out there to all mommies - it's not a wise idea to go grocery shopping at the Commissary AND then go to Costco.  It is painful...and I don't just mean on the wallet - with 2 little girls is what I'm referring to.  Made that mistake this week.
  • We are up to 17 hours of daylight this week.  That breaks down to a 5:25 AM sunrise and a 10:30 PM sunset.  Are you jealous Lower 48?  You should be.
  • At least daily, Thomas will pull up his shirt sleeve, flex and ask us, "Ya wanna see my muscles?"  And as hilarious as it is to see him so serious about it, he actually has some little muscles popping out on his slim, trim 45 lb little body.
  • On a different note, we had a bear in the neighborhood earlier this week.  It wasn't what I bargained for on a Monday morning.  But no harm done & it made for a memorable picture.

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