Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blog Hiatus

I have half-a-million partially written blog posts in my queue.  Or so it feels that way. None of them done though.
I feel like a have another 1,000 thoughts running in my head about stories, frustrations, milestones, worries, joys and hopes that have to do with our family.

I feel like time is against me right now.
In all truth I expected this; frankly, I was surprised I lasted as long as I have without any real interruption.
As much as I absolutely love to blog and reflect on what my kiddos go through, what motherhood and being a wife are like and my personal thoughts along the way - I have put an enormous (unnecessary) amount of stress on myself to maintain it. 
I do want to continue for Thomas, Abbigail, and Marilyn's sake but I feel so much of my spare time (even if its just moments here and moments there) are spent on what I would like to write about or thinking about how to make time for writing.
Frankly - all those moments add up and it is those moments that I feel like are missed moments with my 3 little love bugs.
I need for myself to refocus.  Prioritize.  Live in the moments.

I don't know how long I'm going to take a break from blogging.
It could be a solid week of not thinking about HeckLures' Adventures - it might be a month or longer.

I just know myself and if I put it in writing - like I am now - I will let myself off the hook on feeling like I've got to share something.

Our life is busy... extremely busy... as all families are. 
I just don't want to miss any of these chaotic & busy moments because I know I'm never going to get them back.

Until next time - whenever that is - please know that the Hecks are well.
We hope you are too.

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Danifred said...

I totally get it, and I'm almost there too.
Enjoy your time with those cute babies of yours!