Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (Fairies and Power Rangers Edition)

Happy Belated Friday.  I hope the weekend is off to a great start!
  • This Alaska weekend has started off on a cold note... 30 degrees.  The truth of the matter is there is no turning back now.  Winter is around the corner and will be here for the next 7 months.
  • I have a feeling that the Tooth Fairy will be visiting us soon for the first time ever.
  • Speaking of Fairies, I wish there was a Dusting Fairy, Vacuuming Fairy, also one that loves to clean bathrooms.  I would very much like those gals to visit me.
  • Cub Scouts never panned out - Brian and I just can't take the disorganization of the leader/pack and the lack of focus that should be a priority.  We may look elsewhere but more than likely we will just wait until next school year when we are back home to try again.
  • At the rate we're moving, Marilyn and Abby are going to be wearing the same size clothes in the next year. 
  • The initial report from Thomas' teacher at this point in the year is that he is reading at almost a 2nd grade level.  Proud Mama is what I am.
  • What I'm hearing on the Halloween rumor mill is that I need to find/put together a costume for a Red Power Ranger, a Pink Power Ranger (gosh, where did she possibly get that idea?), and a pumpkin or Doc McStuffins.
  • I'm headed out the door tonight for our school's football game against our cross-town rival.  Oddly enough, it has been a quiet week leading up I just wanted it to be known that there is nothing in comparison to what CHS school spirit and football is.  Period.  Sure do miss it.

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