Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (the farts, finger shake & head roll edition)

Hi Peeps. 
  • Outdoor soccer season is officially over (thank the good Lord) and next week basketball season begins for Thomas.  Bring on the indoor sports.
  • It has become abundantly clear to Brian and I that Marilyn loves to fart.  Seriously... she cracks herself up every time she rips one.
  • Thomas attended his first Cub Scout meeting tonight - more to come on that.
  • There has been a mountain of school related paperwork sent home over the last 2 weeks.  Strangely enough, I don't hate it.  Rather, I actually look forward to filling them out.  Yes, I realize that makes me crazy.
  • Saying goodnight and tucking Abby into bed each night has become absolutely one of my favorite parts of the evening - she uses it as precious one-on-one time to snuggle, touch your face, study your eyes, ask lots and LOTS of questions so that the conversation between the two of you keeps going.  It's priceless.  And each night, it's not easy to leave her room simply because I love just laying next to her and talking.  For so many years, there was no real talking.  And now there is and I just love it. 
  • On a not-so-related note, I got a finger shake and head roll from Abby tonight as she was trying to make her point.  She must think she's all that & a bag of chips...
  • 1st grade & Preschool are off to great starts.
  • Marilyn repeats everything we say.  EVERYTHING.  And it almost always is with attitude.
  • With school starting & Fall/Winter fast approaching, I spent last weekend doing a clothes swap & clean out.  Damn that felt great!
  • Our weekend looks sunny & rain-free (Amen)... here's to doing anything & everything outside!  Maybe a hike?  Maybe a short camping trip?  Maybe a long, scenic bike ride?  I'm game for anything.
TGIF friends.  Hope life is good and you kiss & hug your loved ones all around you.

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