Sunday, September 15, 2013

Swimming - Florida vs. Alaska

My children love the water.  This includes tubby baths, pools, beaches and even big puddles left from heavy rains.  It really makes no difference, they want in and they want to enjoy the water.
With that said, I promised to take the kids to one of the indoor pools here on base this weekend.  As much as the kids LOVE to swim, and trust me when I say they are all fish, they had forgotten that the indoor pools on base are not nearly as warm as their beloved Florida pools -
We're talking a 10-20 degree temperature difference (depending on the time of summer it is in FL).
So, with everyone very excited this morning to get their swim on, we headed out to enjoy some splashing & fun!
These are their faces before jumping in...

And, unfortunately, these are their faces after swimming for a mere 20 minutes...

This cute smile was forced and bribed...
Although we try and enjoy everything that Alaska has thrown at us & has to offer for us, I have no reservations or hesitations in saying that my children can not wait to move back to Florida this coming summer and enjoy the warm (and even hot) water that surrounds the place we call home.

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