Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Festival: Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm

I'm a little embarrassed to say that in the full two years that we have been up here in Alaska, I've completely dropped the ball with getting my crew out to a Fall Harvest Festival.  That is until now.
I finally got my act together and started asking all of my local friends and it was a resounding suggestion for us to take the kids north to Pyrah's Pioneer Peak Farm. 
Settled about 45 minutes north of Anchorage in the town of Palmer (one of the original part of the colony in the Matanuska Valley), the farm has long been a part of the local community and its roots are in the U-Pick business.
Although we didn't do any pickin' of our own on this trip, we DID have a super duper fun time with the kids at the annual Fall Harvest Festival.

Our little Pumpkins
It's not very often that we get a great family photo - this ranks right up there as one of my favorites!
Thomas decided he wanted to compete in the Water Pump Duck Race.
After giving it a trial run, Thomas & 4 other kiddo competitors stepped up for the race.
Daddy was there for moral support (and if there was any technical problems) and the girls and I stood down at the finish line as his cheerleaders!

 Guess who won 1st place?
This face is priceless!

It's fair to say that the kids had a blast with all the games that were there to enjoy!


This boy had a blast on this tractor-bike track...


 3 sleeping pumpkins.
This is what I call success.

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