Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Nanny: Hannah

Let me first say this - never would I have imagined us hiring a Nanny.
"Nanny" has such a certain stigma that goes along with it - rich family, uninterested parents, urban areas, live-in hired help, etc. - and frankly, none of those things are us.
I have always been a huge fan of the small, love-filled childcare center where I know all the teachers and my children are not only cared for & loved on, but also those wonderful teachers helped my children with all of their early years milestones with ABCs, 123s, coloring, shapes and writing.
I guess it just never occurred to Brian and I that having one person in our lives and in our home daily who could do these same things with our 3 pumpkins was the best choice and decision for our family in our current situation.
There is also only one best person.  One person who already knows our family well.  One person who already adores our children and who they also love in return.  There was only one true choice that Brian and I both wanted to be in our home & who we already trusted with the most important blessings in our lives.
Meet Hannah.
Our Nanny.



Brian and I don't have easy schedules - I'm out the door by 6am and Brian is shortly thereafter and we are usually not home until after Thomas is home from school.
Getting Thomas off to school, taking Abby to gymnastics once a week, speech 2x a week, and preschool 3x a week is most certainly a busy schedule.  On top of that, she squeezes in lots of play time, park time, art time, nap time, baking time, and lots of cuddle time. 
She sends texts messages during the day with pictures of our smiling pumpkins and whatever their day entails.  I'd say we are blessed - more than blessed to have Hannah in our lives each and every day.
And as for those thoughts about never being the kind of folks that have a Nanny - it's not for everyone; but it is most certainly for us in our current situation;
and it is absolutely the best with Hannah.

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