Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Conversations with Thomas

T: Have you ever met Flo before?
Me: Flo who?
T: Ya know, Flo from the Progressive commercials.  She sells great insurance.

T: I think we should go to the Alaska State Fair tonight, Mom.
Me: Why - you just went with Hannah the other day?
T: Because Brantley Gilbert is playing in concert and I love his song, "Pieces."  Come on, what da ya say, can we go?

T: I'd really like to buy a Seatbelt Pet before we drive all the way to Florida again, Mom.
Me: Really?  Why?
T: Because then I will be absolutely cozy on the whole ride there.
Me: You're telling me that a Seatbelt Pet will make you cozy for 5,000 miles?
T: Absolutely.

{Lunch time conversation}
T: Hannah, whose your husband?
H: I'm not married.
T: Why - doesn't anyone love you?

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