Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dinnertime Antics

I think that Brian and I have come to the realization, and are no longer in denial, that Marilyn is our "push-the-limits, don't-want-to-conform, who-cares-about-rules-standards-etiquette-and-manners" child. 

Yes, I know that she is only 2 years & 3 months old.
But truthfully, by this age, a parent knows their child & has already figured out their personality.
And this is certainly true for Marilyn.

Make no mistake about it - we love and adore her no less. 
We find it downright exhausting and yet, hilarious at the same time.
On one hand, we want to pinch her and on the other hand, we want to eat up all her laughs & giggles.

I know that some say this is just a phase, The Terrible Twos, and although some of her dinnertime antics may be rooted in this growing stage, I'm convinced that most of it is because it is who she is... our #3.  Our Marilyn.

Let's review our dinnertime routine so that it is clear as to why my #3 is giving me new grey hairs:
  • despite asking her to go potty before we sit down for dinner, she says, "No, I no need to go potty."
  • Like clockwork, as soon as we have said the blessing and she picks up her fork, she exclaims, "OH, I need go potty!"
  • Once she plops down out of her seat and runs to the bathroom, her "fun" begins.
  • While on the potty, we hear the purposefully loud farts, followed by giggles & squeals which usually ends with her exclaiming, "Mommmmmmmmm, I got big poopies!"
  • Following her bathroom business, she always runs out to the dining room completely naked.
  • Mind you, the rest of us are trying to eat dinner.
  • This also is at the point in my meal where I have to get up and get involved.  Make no mistake though, up until this point I've been shoveling food into my mouth because I knew just moments seconds after starting, my meal would be interrupted.
  • Once I have gotten her redressed and assured she is clean from her potty visit, she climbs back up on her chair at the dinner table and proceeds to just pick at her food.
  • The "picking" becomes "playing" and before long she is having a party in her seat that includes turning around to see what's behind her, reaching over to bother her sister while she's eating, picking her nose, hooting & hollering, repeating whatever Brian and I are saying to her - including, "EAT NOW!"
  • Sometimes, More often than not, What seems like ALWAYS, Marilyn will usually spill her milk or some other dinner food will go flying across the table.
  • And she is the last one at the table - almost always with a plateful of mess - long after everyone has been excused and I've completely cleaned the kitchen from our dinnertime meal.
  • It's fair to say the girl is just a hot mess.  Seriously.

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