Monday, September 2, 2013

Fish Lake & Trekkin'

Although we had hoped to go camping this weekend, the rainy weather ultimately got the best of us.  Having spent the long July 4th weekend in rain this year, we opted to stay at home this holiday and just explore and have fun in the local area.
Today we set our sights on fishing and what better place to venture out to other than Fish Lake!
Just 6 miles (and on base) away from the house, you'd never know you were just a few short miles from the largest city in Alaska.


Picnic lunch & snacks... a must for sure!
Look who caught her first fish!

Marilyn LOVED fishing!

He was super impressed with his catch also!

Fish kisses with her fish lips!

 De-hooking the fish
 Helping Daddy to reel up a big one!

 Only a Daddy of little girls is man enough to fish with a small, pink Princess Fishing Rod that is baited with hook & shrimp!

 Later in the evening, we decided to take a trek through one of our favorite spots near the house to walk off the delicious dinner that Brian cooked up.

 My whole life... all in one picture.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

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Danifred said...

The pictures of the fish kissing are so awesome! Amazing place you have there. :)