Thursday, July 25, 2013

Put me in, Coach!

Warning: This is a negative post.  It is written out of sheer frustration and I needed to vent through typed words because what would come out of my mouth would be nothing more than nonsense.  Pure expletive ($^%&) nonsense.

OK, here it goes.
I can't believe that I'm even thinking this, but alas... I'm frustrated.
I told myself just to sit back and watch.  Sit back and just wear the "Mommy hat" and cheer from the sidelines.  More recently, I've had to tell myself just to relax and take a deep breath... or two... or even three.  I do that when I get frustrated.

I'm the first one to admit that you have no right to criticize if you aren't out there volunteering your own time.  I get that.  I completely get that.  And kudos to him for doing it.  He doesn't have a child on the team, doesn't have any personal stake in the future of each of those children and is clearly doing it to support the community & give something back.  I absolutely appreciate that.  Matter of fact, I'm sure to thank him after each practice and game.  However, the fact remains that he has NO. IDEA. WHAT. HE. IS. DOING out on the field.  The kids are learning nothing.  Nada.  Zilch.

It's painful to watch.  He doesn't know how to work with kids.  Very little connection.  Wait, who am I kidding... he has no connection with the kids.  The things he says are ridiculous.  The things he does make no sense.  Ask Brian - there are so many times that I just drop my head to my hands, walk away from the field or just stand with my hands/arms draped over my head.  All because I don't get it.  Then again, the kids don't get it either.

From my years, and years, and years, AND years of playing and coaching, Thomas' age group is one of the most fun to be with.  Don't get me wrong, my coaching passion was teenagers at the high school level, but little kids are such a different fun.  Summer after summer of running camps for young kids was an eye opener to what an impact good instruction & coaching and a fun environment can have on the future of an athlete and the love they have for a sport.

I really want that for Thomas (and of course Abbigail & Marilyn) -  the positive impact coaching can have on a young athlete.  I might just have to take some drastic measures in the near future.  Despite the fact that I really just wanted to sit, enjoy and cheer from the sidelines...

... I might have to dust off my coaching whistle and wear the coach's shirt again.  Don't ask me how I will have time, but where there is a will, there's a way.

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