Sunday, July 21, 2013

Debbie Downer

We have had one of the driest summers on record here in Anchorage.  It has hardly rained and the sun has been shining {almost} non-stop.  Temperatures have been hot warm ... there were several days in a row that it got to be down right toasty.  Of course "toasty" is relative - here in Alaska, where most places do not have AC and pools are a rarity, 85 degrees is really turning up the heat.  I personally was loving it, although at night with all the fans blowing & windows open, things were a tad uncomfortable.

Anyway, with all the complaining going on by some folks up here, here's a Public Service Announcement (PSA)...

Quit your complaining - we are going to look like this in just 90 days:

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