Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Dear Abbigail

Dear Abbigail,
I'm not sure what happened to my ever-loving, always smiling and sweet-tempered almost-4-year old little girl... but I'd like her back, please.

The argumentative, defiant and world-class whiner who has been sleeping in your bed and wearing all of your very fashion-forward & spunky clothes is adorable just like you, but ohhhhhhhh is she a handful.  She most certainly has given me a run for my money.  And this little blonde-hair, blue-eyed cutie is trying my very last nerves.

I would really like more smiles, less tears, more laughing, less whining, more hugs, less snatching, more "pleases", less yelling, more sweetness, and less sassiness.

I know that this too shall pass - I was just hoping you would help your old Mama out and do it sometime very soon.  Before I have even more gray hairs.

I love you unconditionally, Abby.
Always will... even through this.


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