Monday, July 1, 2013

The Nanny Process

Everyone's all-time favorite Nanny... Mary Poppins!
And let's not forget this famous Nanny... Mrs. Doubtfire!
And of course, the more recent Nanny story... Nanny McPhee!

20 - # of Nanny applicants
5 - # of 1st round Nanny interviews (w/ just me at Starbucks)
 2 - # of 2nd round Nanny interviews (w/just Brian at Starbucks)
 2 - # of Nanny-"Little Bosses" meetings
2 - # of times I've gone back to the drawing board to search out new applicants.

Hiring someone to work for you is no easy business.  Matter of fact, this is the hardest type of hire, because it's personal.  It's someone coming into your home, taking care of your children all day, bringing them to all of their activities, engaging them in learning & fun and creating a comfortable & loving environment.  To say that these are the hardest of the interviews... an understatement.  I was given very good advise from a long time friend who has been through this process several times for his own children... "allow your gut to feel it out, and compromise on NOTHING. If it feels even 1% wrong, don't do it. And always never forget .... you hold all the cards."

Well, I'm here to tell you that we started the search over and despite the looming start date of me going back to work, we aren't willing to compromise on something or someone that just doesn't feel right.  To be perfectly honest though, I'm holding out hope on our regular babysitter, who is a college student at one of the local universities, as she works through her fall class schedule and finishes up her summer internship.  You have no idea how much she is a match made in heaven for our family.  All I have to say is fingers crossed.  I don't want to go back to the drawing board a 3rd time.  There are not enough days left for "3rd time is a charm!"

To be continued...

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