Friday, July 12, 2013

Montana Creek Camping - Day 2: Fishing & Talkeetna

Our troops slept in quite a bit the first morning we were camping up at Montana Creek - which was a total surprise given how excited they had been about using their sleeping bags, the bunk bed, cooking breakfast in the AM, blah-blah-blah.  I can assure you that this Mama was very grateful for that because Daddy & I stayed up a whee on the late side enjoying many beers & glasses of wine together after our little bears had gone to sleep. 
Reading & playing while breakfast (cinnamon rolls) was cooking!
This shirt needs no explanation.
With more rain expected in the forecast, we donned our rain gear, grabbed our fishing rods & headed over to the creek that morning.  Both Thomas & Abby practiced and practiced their casting with each of their rods.  It didn't take Thomas more than 2-3 casts before he was back in perfect Florida-Fisherman-Form.  
He really was in his element...
... as was the big kid up stream.

Meanwhile, someone got down and dirty (literally) on the banks of Montana Creek.  She, too, was in her element and could care less about the fishing.
Another boot shot... keeping my feet dry.
 Eventually, Abby was drawn to all the dirty fun being had by her baby sister.  She couldn't resist joining in.
Finding a new friend.

 After a morning of creek side fishing, we ate a light lunch back at camp and then packed up the truck with some essentials and headed north for a short trip to the quaint town of Talkeetna.
And... after just a short 15 minute drive, this is what the crew looked like.
Yep, exhausted. 
Camping is hard work.

Her moose friend just outside the Talkeetna Historical Museum.

For an early dinner, we decided to tryout the Denali Brewing Co...
... and as we enjoyed the warm sunshine out on the front deck while waiting for food & brews, I couldn't help but think of one of my favorite little tourist towns - Key West.  

Another token Moose picture

As we walked to the end of main street, we arrived at this spot - the confluence of three rivers: the Chulitna, Susitna, and Talkeetna.
Beautiful.  Peaceful.

{And because I love the panoramic option on my iPhone 5}
What better way to spend a Friday evening than with homemade ice cream (PB Oreo) and some live music on the town lawn.
It was both delicious... and relaxing.

Another highlight of the evening was stopping just 2 miles outside of town at the playground to run off our yummy treats.

And because the sun was still shining & the energy was still high when we finally returned back to the camper, we threw the girls in the bike trailer & the rest of jumped on our bikes to hit some local trails.

Someone found another little friend that evening.
Gett'in cozy that night by the fire

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