Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Funny Girl

Just thought I would share the funny words, as of late, that Marilyn says... and every one of them just make me smile & giggle.
  • heighborhood...translates to neighborhood.
  • the kids...collectively, what she refers to Thomas & Abby as.
  • me...when asked what her name is.
  • Bi-an... Daddy's real name.
  • Moooooooose & Behs...translates to Moose & Bears.
  • Abbihail...translates to Abbigail.
  • Ya You... translates to Love You.
  • Daddy's work menz... referring to anyone wearing a military uniform.
  • skedo... translates to mosquito
Earlier this week, when I told Marilyn that it was rainy outside, she ran downstairs to get what I assumed was her rain boots & rain jacket.  Instead, she waddled back upstairs decked out in her snow gear & rain boots and insisted she was ready for the 61* day.
And that right there is how MJ Heck rolls!
Sport'in bear claw slippers!

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