Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (stressed & relieved edition)

  • It figures that the week after a get away weekend, the week would be nothing but stress.
  • Time is ticking down - 5 days left until I start my new gig.  Wasn't I just saying the other day that I had 6 weeks of summer left?
  • Speaking of summer ending, the other day at Target they had put the summer camping stuff on sale & already had school supplies out.  Wow... that's not a slap in the face or anything.
  • Our childcare situation has finally been figured out - not what we had originally planned, and part of it is only temporary but we most certainly are excited for how it will be turning out.
  • We are having marginal success at potty training - I blame most of that on the camping trip.  Other than that, she has earned lots of lollipops along the way so far.
  • Speaking of the little potty, Thomas & Abby are such good encouragers.  They will sit with Marilyn and read 1000s of books to her as she tries to do her business.
  • Looks like we are in for a beautiful weekend  - I think hiking & riding our 4-wheelers is on the agenda for sure!
  • Speaking of agendas - I just got myself a big girl haircut this week (short do) but now I'd like a mani/pedi and to do some clothes shopping to make myself feel really ready to go back to work.  A polished & manicured professional I might be again - one day soon.
  • Marilyn's language has exploded.  It's just crazy to sit back and listen to her talk (and imitate whatever we say).
  • Thomas' summer soccer season has officially begun!  With 1 practice & 2 games each week, life just got exponentially busier.

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