Saturday, July 20, 2013

Friday Night Leftovers (the exhausted version)

  • I'm exhausted - I'm not even gonna try to deny it.
  • The kids are exhausted - it is so apparent each night.
  • My commute is not nearly as bad as I had thought - 18 minutes door to door... without snow. 
  • This week has been extremely bittersweet for me; it's exactly where I want to be in the next step of my career, but not having all of those precious minutes with Thomas, Abbigail and Marilyn any more make me sad. 
  • We are in desperate need to rain here in our part of Alaska... the grass actually looks brown. 
  • We are pressing forward with potty training - some days are hit and miss, other days she stays dry virtually all day.  I'm counting down the days when this is a diaper-less house.
  • I'm gonna have to bring my "A" game this next week - Brian is busy working 12 hour shifts for a base wide exercise, I'm dropping off AND picking up from daycare, Thomas has 2 games & 1 practice and there is even more on my plate at work to consider than before.
  • The kids & us are headed to the movies this weekend to check out "Despicable Me 2" - a special treat to celebrate a successful transition week to say the least!

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