Monday, April 8, 2013

Abby: 3 Little Pigs

Abby came home from school day, and as usual, was ubber-excited to show us what was in her folder & what she had made in class.  After showing off her newly made construction hat (complete with Abby label), I noticed on her weekly class sheet that they were reading The Three Little Pigs and Building a House.  As soon as I mentioned the first story, she immediately went into a story-telling-frenzy about the big bad wolf & the 3 little pigs trying to build their houses (complete with hand movements & facial expressions... gosh, I have no idea who she gets that from?  Wink-Wink).  When I proceeded to ask Abby the question of the day (provided by her teacher), "Which would you use to build your house: straw, sticks, or bricks?" her reply caught me off guard.  I should have expected her answer given her sheepish-grin.  Her answer was hilarious.  So hilarious, in fact, that I almost peed my pants laughing. 

Abby's answer?

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