Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wide Open Road

 It's hard to keep the sleds & shovels out when there is clear sidewalks & streets all around you.
With that in mind, the kids convinced Brian to get the bikes out of the backyard shed this weekend.
With temps in the high 30s (I realize that sounds absolutely freezing to anyone not here with us), we figured we should take advantage of the "warm" weather. 
Here are the kids hitting the wide open road (at the end of our neighborhood where no cars ever drive & is a perfect place to just ride)!

 This last picture so perfectly captures Abby - she just wanted to ride by herself with no distractions.  We can't believe what a difference the winter months have made... she is so confident now and such a stronger rider than she was back in the Fall before the arrival of the snow.
Here's to a summer filled with lots of bike riding!

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