Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Milestones: Thomas

Folks, for months now we have had a reader on our hands. 
I don't just mean a few sight words. 
I don't just mean meeting the kindergarten standards for Alaska.  He's WAY passed that.
I'm talking about full-fledged, sounding out words he doesn't know, comprehending, above-grade level reading.  Real reading, peeps!

I know this is gonna sound like a proud mama just bragging about her baby boy, but it's not.
I know you might be thinking that just because I'm a teacher that I must think my son is advanced, but it's not.
Not only from my heart did I know he was ahead of the curve ball, but from the words of his kindergarten teacher as well - "He is actually reading more advanced books than the rest. He really is an advanced reader because he takes the time to sound words out and remembers words after you have told him what it says."

Thomas loves books about dinosaurs and space.  Every night his book selection is almost guaranteed to be one of those.  Throw in books on trucks, superheros and even the Bernstein's Bears and you have rounded out some of Thomas' favorite kinds of stories.

My hope is that he continues to love reading for the rest of his life - a life long reader, if you will.  With weekly library visits this summer, books in every room of the house, seeing Mommy & Daddy read our favorites, quiet time built in for him during the girls' nap time... I hope his thirst for knowledge, his curiosity to know, and his excitement about books continues to grow each and every day.

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