Thursday, April 18, 2013

All about the teeth

This morning's exciting highlight was bringing the kids to their bi-annual dental cleaning & checkup!
I say that with an enormous grain of sarcasm - not because the kids don't do well, but rather because I detest going to the dentist.  No worries though, I keep those sentiments to myself so as to not taint the kids' outlook on going.
On the contrary, the kids did FANTASTIC & they loved it!
The patients
Although Marilyn didn't get a turn "officially" she did get herself a new toothbrush and a goody bag filled with stickers and a small toy!  This girl will have her first exam next time we go... when she is a big 2-year old little gal!
Abby had a great dental report - super pearly white teeth with no cavities!  Way to go, Abbigail!
They tried for his first teeth x-rays, but we all know how that feels - awkward & irritating.  Not to mention a 5-year old's tongue doesn't exactly cooperate either.  So... maybe next time the hygienist will have better luck.
A certain little Nosey Rosey was keeping notes on how everything happens.
Thomas' dental report had both smiles & frowns; the bad news is (although we have known this for quite some time) we need to start saving for braces now.  His teeth are so squished together you can hardly get floss between his chompers!  However, the great news is he has no cavities AND has a few wiggly teeth both on the top & the bottom!  Oh, it looks like the Tooth Fairy better put Thomas on her radar for the next few months!
 Although the super-duper dental reports and our school lunch date with Thomas today weren't related, it was still a fun way to end the morning and share the exciting news with Daddy!


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