Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'll give you something to cry about

I'm wondering, despite what all of my girlfriends tell me, if all the ridiculous drama-filled crying is going to magically stop when Abby turns 4-years old at the end of this summer.  I think I might be kidding myself if I think it will happen...but can't a Mama hope & pray?  Here's a list of reasons Abby has cried this past week (no exaggeration, no kidding):
  • She had to eat potato salad at dinner one night.
  • She couldn't decide what to wear {too many tights possibly?}
  • "That's the wrong kind of bubbles for my bath."
  • I wouldn't carry her upstairs.
  • She couldn't have a lollipop for breakfast.
  • The wrong song came on the radio while we were driving in the car.
  • I wouldn't let her wear her snow gear when we went for a bike ride.
  • I wanted to take her picture.
  • She didn't get the right color cup for her drink.
  • I made her wear her winter jacket out to play because it was 23*F.
  • She didn't understand how to play a game on the iPad.
  • I tightened the straps in her car seat so that she wasn't able to slide her arms out while we were driving.  
  • Marilyn took her spot on the couch. 
  • She snatched something away from Thomas & he then he took it back from her.

  • Being 3-years, 8-months old must be excruciatingly difficult.

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