Monday, April 22, 2013


Yesterday was a blog milestone.  Not a big one, just a tiny one.
Matter of fact, no one noticed but me... so I took a moment with myself & celebrated.  Well, who am I kidding?  I didn't celebrate, I just reflected. 
You see, yesterday's blog entry marked #1500.  Yes, as crazy as that sounds, I have written 1500 blog posts over the last 5 years, 11 months.  
Over all of those years, I've shared much about our adventures, life's ups & downs, the challenges & joys of Air Force life, and the craziness and happiness that motherhood brings me.

Many people still to this day ask me why I blog.  My response is usually short & sweet - "To keep track of what has happened in our lives - the good & the not-so-good.  But most importantly to remember all the little things in life that often get forgotten." 
I assure you though, its not nearly as much for others as it is for my kiddos one day.  So...

To my three sweet and hilarious children, this is why I blog..

1. Because I want to remember when you were little. I just never seem to take the time to print out photos or fill-out your baby books or make elaborate scrapbooks for you. So this, this is what you will have someday along with tens of thousands of pictures I’ve taken of you.  My hope too is to have the blog published into a book for each of you to keep and share with your own loved ones and families.

2. Because I want you to know me as more than a mom. I’m not a great verbal storyteller and I don’t want you to wake-up in your 40′s and wonder what your mother was like. All you have to do is find me here and you will know who I was. There are so many questions I never asked my grandmothers.  I don’t want you to one day regret the questions that were never asked.

3. Because I want to remember stuff and if I don’t write it down I’m afraid that I will forget it immediately. Because it happened here right in this little life we are making. And it’s the little things, not the big things. We will remember your first steps, your prom and graduation. You will remember your first kiss and the first time you drove a car. I’m talking about times like the other night when Thomas told a joke {What do you get when you mix a sailor with a snail?} and we all really, really laughed because he finally figured out how to tell a good one.  {Oh the answer?  You get a "snailor!"  Ha-ha-ha... wasn't that funny!?

4. Because I like to write. It feels good to do it and to read it, and it makes my mind happy. I don’t want an old and feeble mind that cannot put thoughts to paper one day. I want to write on the day I die. Whenever that might be.  And I especially want to write about the 4 most important people in my life.

Love you,



Stephanie said...

Have you thought about having your blog printed into a book at the end of every year. We have several friends that do that each year.

Heidi said...

Congratulations! That's amazing longevity, and I think your reasons for blogging are spot on! I, too, hope that my children read my blog and see a little of everything you mention.