Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Feelings

I love Easter feelings.
I love that there are often new friendships, new beginnings, and a renewed sense of giving.
I love that springtime goes hand-in-hand with Easter (although not so much here in Alaska).
I love that warm(er) temperatures are on their way.
I love the Easter feeling of hope, love and joyful living.

However, there are some Easter feelings I can not ignore.  Let's call them "Easter Leftovers" and I never know what to do about them year after year.  Let's review:
  • Candy overload.  Dare I say there is as much candy in the house as at Halloween?
  • I have the same house rule as Halloween time ... one week for the candy.  Then I get rid of it.  Trash or donation - I don't care.
  • Along that line - I get tired of hearing my munchkins ask if they can have some of their candy at breakfast time, snack time, bedtime, potty time, playtime, laundry time, etc.  You get my point, right?  Aughhhh!
  • Baskets, buckets, & cute little candy holders.  Repeat.  Every year my load gets bigger & bigger.  There are more & more.  Dare I throw some away?
  • Too many pastel colored eggs in the fridge.  There's only so many hard boiled eggs I can eat for breakfast (or quick protein snacks) & so much egg salad sandwiches for lunch I can enjoy.  What do you do with all of it?
I apologize for the complaining.  Sometimes I just need to vent & get rid of the Easter leftovers.  Literally.

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Heidi said...

Oh the candy! We still have candy left over from Halloween. This year the "Easter Bunny" was very skimpy on the candy around these parts!