Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
Lots of love all the way from Alaska!

Before everyone got all silly & goofy (and might I also add: cranky, moody, whiny & down right ridiculous behaving due to sugar overload and then sugar crash), the kids woke to find little trails of jelly beans from their bedside to their bedroom doors. It was clear to them the moment they opened their eyes that the Easter Bunny has paid us a visit!  Our Easter morning started with an indoor egg hunt all throughout the house.  It was tons of fun to hide the eggs but it was even more fun having our 3 munchkins hunt them down!  Munchkin faces are priceless!
 Marilyn was totally into game!

 Everyone basking in the glory of the booty (aka: candy, candy, candy!)
 Notice who already had candy shoved into her mouth before I could even say "go"?
 One of Easter Bunny's assistants

 After the hunt, the kids enjoyed some Easter basket yummies that were sent all the way from Florida!  Thanks Grannie & Pop-Pop!

 Happy Easter to all our family & friends. 
We hope everyone was able to spend the day close to those that mean the world to you.  We hugged our children more times than we can count, and told them we loved them every chance we got.


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