Saturday, March 30, 2013

Snowman Clan

 Spring is here!  Spring is here!
OK... well that is what I want to believe anyway!
Temperatures are in the low 40s and the Spring storm that dumped 10+" of snow on us almost a week ago is melting quickly.  Although very, very pretty... I'm ready for it to go!
In just a matter of days, the kids went from white sand beaches along the Gulf Coast to this...
 Our side yard was once again a knee deep winter wonderland of fun!
Last night as we were driving back from Thomas' indoor soccer game, we past this Easter masterpiece in one of the local neighborhoods. 
Only in Alaska would you see this.
We also caught a glimpse of this snowman creation:
 And I've never agreed more with the locals!
 So, today we headed outdoors and decided to take advantage of all the snow Mother Nature has still cursed blessed us with.
 All of our favorite neighborhood friends joined us in the yard for snowballs, sledding, digging, and ...

 ... snowman building!
Finally!  After almost 2 full winters, we have created 3 awesome snowboys/snowgirls!
The snow was perfect for shaping, rolling, building and throwing!

 We were also able to use the snowman kits (faces, buttons, hats, etc) that we got as Christmas presents for each of the last two years.  Yeah for finally putting them to use!
Meet our Snowman Clan...

 Lots of snow + lots of snow toys + lots of friends = LOADS of FUN!

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