Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

Snow Bunny
 Even this picture does not do it justice...
 Special visitor this past week - Abby's beloved Ms. Amy (her old speech therapist).
There was a constant smile on her face!
 Love notes sent from Pop-Pop
(which brought me to tears when I read them because I know how much he misses the kids)
Extra special Saturday morning pancakes
Budding artists 
Her favorite part
... and also her favorite part!
And together they make a beautiful mess masterpiece!
 All Tatted Up (with stickers)
Talking to Pop-Pop on speaker phone
 Her new obsession...
Hint: it is something you wear when its hot out and you have a pool or beach nearby.
What its not?  Something you wear in Alaska in the middle of the freak'in winter.
Answer?  Bathing suits
 Pirate and Princess Mosaics keeping #1 and #2 busy for hours.  Seriously, hours.

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