Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The hand that feeds you

My kids, especially Thomas & Abby, are used to the many deployments & TDYs that Brian has gone in their short lives.  Not that they like it, not that it's easy, but they are used to it as we are a military family.

I was a reminded today of a conversation I had with the kids that happened not so long ago when Brian was gone for about 2 months.

Me: {half joking} What would happen if I packed up and went away for a few weeks?
Thomas: Whaaaat?
Abby: Whaaaat?
Thomas: Who will feed us?  We'll just die, Mom!
Me: Well, good to know I'm needed then.

Ironically though, if the kids were left with Brian and I was gone "working"... they would probably eat much, much better than they do with me.  That's what happens when your Daddy is a gourmet chef.  Their problem is they're just so used to Mommy being here with them.

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Stephanie Davenport said...

I love it! They are so sweet and innocent when they are younger, that they don't pick up on our weaknesses. :)