Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dance Moves

I've mentioned before that Thomas loves music and loves to dance - so much so that you can usually find him dancing if music can be heard on the TV, on the iPhone, in his room, on the soccer field, on the basketball court and even at the bus stop.  The boy loves to dance.  Period.

What we can't figure out is where he gets his dance moves?  Truth be told, Brian and I really don't dance.  We have never been the "bust-a-move" kind of couple on the dance floor (except maybe if we have had a little too much to drink & liquid courage is running through our veins)... so how he is dancing this way (which is a mix of break dancing meets white boy moves meets hip-hop) is beyond Brian and I.  Seriously.  We are left wondering if he will have some kind of career in the music or dance industry when he gets older?  I guess whatever he has a passion for & will pay the bills, right?

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