Saturday, May 10, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers (Mother's Day Weekend edition)

  • 17 hours.  Gheez, 17 hours of daylight is what we got going on way up here.  Couple that with unbelievable sunshine and warm temperatures in the upper 60s, I feel like we are living in paradise up here.  What a Spring it has been!
  • Soccer camp continues tomorrow.  Bring on the sunshine and the soccer tan lines!
  • This Mother's Day weekend is shaping up to be a wonderful one - lots of time with my love bugs, a date night with my handsome hubby, and then heading out on a Sunday family hike on a trail we've not yet explored.  Did I mention it's going to be beautiful?  Did I mention I get to spend it with my 4 favorite people?
  • I'm pretty sure that Marilyn is going thru a growth spurt - her naps have averaged 3 hours each this week.  I'm certain the girl is taller just this week alone.
  • Thomas is eating like a horse lately... or at least like a teenage boy.  Holy food bill.  I'm pretty sure running club has something to do with it.
  • Brian has taken care of planning a few adventures for these last few weekends we have left in Alaska.  One in particular that I'm super excited about is our upcoming trip to Homer which is at the very southern tip of the Kenai Peninsula over Memorial Day weekend.  Another Bucket List item will be taken care of.
  • There are so many things that are coming to an end this month and truth be told, it's kinda sad.  Gymnastics for both the girls, ballet for Abby, speech for Abby, and of course, school for the kids.  But June will be crazy busy for us as we complete our Northern Adventures & pack up everything and head out.
  • Have I mentioned that I'm still a little shocked that Marilyn is turning 3 years old in just 14 days?  My God, we arrived in Alaska when she was just 8 weeks old.  I'll have to get a comparison picture ready to share sometime soon to capture that.
  • This last week was Teacher Appreciation Week.  Although I wasn't quite as creative and on the ball as I was last year, the kids did pick out some beautiful flowers and wrote heartfelt letters to their teachers to show their true appreciation.  And who are we kidding - those presents are just as much from me thanking them for taking my children into their care, guiding them, loving them, showing them patience and understanding and helping them grow all year long.  Oh and giving me a sanity break.  Seriously. 


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