Saturday, May 3, 2014

Little Cougar Kickers

I can't think of another way to start this beautiful weekend - 2.5 hours this morning out on the pitch with the Service High Soccer Teams hosting their 2nd Annual Cougar Kickers Soccer Camp!
 Can you see our little pink-socked princess?
For at least 2 years, Abby has been asking if she could play soccer with the big kids.  Guess who was over the moon when I signed her up?

She did incredible & loved every minute!

Meanwhile, the youngest enjoyed lots of snacks and soakin' up the sun!
Thomas also enjoyed the challenge and some great instruction & games.  There is no doubt that this skills camp was long overdue for him and he really did great!

After eating her snacks plus everyone else's snacks, Marilyn decided to join in some soccer fun too!


And what better way to end a soccer training session (in 70 degrees) than with ice cream pops?

As you can imagine, being out a beautiful soccer field for a great training session brought back lots and lots of memories from years of coaching. 
I'm so glad the kids got to do this!


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