Sunday, May 18, 2014

Color Blast 5K Fun!

Saturday morning fun this weekend began with the 1st Annual Color Blast 5K Run!
Notice the fresh, crisp white shirts we are all wearing?  That is so we are ready for the Color Blast! Throughout the 3 mile course, participants are blasted with several different color paints by Master Blasters! Originally, Brian was going to run it with Thomas (his first race), but fishing called and he headed down to Seward for one of his final Alaska fishing adventures!  So instead, the girls and I got the runner stroller out and jumped on the chance to get a great run in & have fun with Thomas!
The Heck Crew
(this also ensured that if anyone got separated, they would be returned to Mama Heck, especially since Thomas ran the entire race by himself ahead of the girls and me)

At the finish line where Thomas was waiting for us!
Look who lost his tooth right in the middle of the race...
 Post-race jams!
 Post-race final color blast!
 I know for certain the kids had a rock'in time both with the race and all the after fun!
Hanging with my #3

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