Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life is loud; our house is no different

Noise in my house is almost always constant. 

The exceptions to this rule are 1) when my 3 darlings are all sleeping, 2) when their eyeballs are glued to some wonderful TV show or movie that has their full attention, and 3) when the kids are not home.

Life is loud; our house is no different.

Although it drives me crazy & I complain at times, I wouldn't want it any other way.  I know this phase of childhood won't last and there will come a time when the house is quiet and I will yearn for loudness and chaos one day.  Wow... I almost can't believe that I admitted that aloud.

With that said, here are some recent hilarious moments of constant "life is loud" noise:

Thomas - (telling a joke) Mom, I need to get a new butt.
Me - What? Why?
Thomas - Because mine has a crack in it!  (Ha-ha)

Marilyn (whining constantly that the splinter in her foot hurts) - Ohhh, it hurts!
Daddy - Let me take a good look at it.  Put your foot right here on my lap.
Marilyn - Ohhh, it hurts.  Wait, don't use that sharp pointy thing to hurt it even more.
Daddy - The tweezers will help me take it out quickly so that it won't hurt you any more.
Marilyn - No, No!  I don't want it to come out.  It's in his place.  It's in his place!
Daddy - The splinter is in his place?
Marilyn - Yes, please leave him there in his place (and then hops down with a smile).

Abby - Hey, Mom?
Me - What's up Ab?
Abby - Mom, Bom, Dom, Fom, Hom, Kom...
Me - Are you rhyming my name?
Abby - Mom, Nom, Pom, Rom, Tom, Wom, Zom, Zom, Zom!!
Me - Nice job.  Now what?
Abby - nothing.  I'm done.  Actually, I'm Dom (walks out laughing HA-HA!)

Did I mention that Life is loud, our house is no different.

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