Monday, May 5, 2014

What honestly lies ahead

To my mentors & supporters,

Together you have devoted immeasurable amounts of time and energy to shape me into the instructional leader I am today. Your support has encouraged me to push myself, grow professionally and accept accountability for an idea.  Utilizing an Inspirational Leadership style, you identified my caution to step out of my comfort zone and assured me you would be there to support me to the end. Your guidance has been pivotal when listening and seeing my vision as I have navigated this profession.  I am confident that I will be a vital and effective school leader when I return to our school district this summer. Thank you again for helping me pave my path, always being my advocate (even from 5,000 miles away), and always having a plan that included me in it.

In looking forward, I need to reflect and ask myself what honestly lies ahead for me professionally. My goals for the immediate future include take advantage of opportunities that enhance creative thinking and boost better school teams and relationships with our students and parents.  I would like to take on Curriculum, Master Schedules, create valuable and relevant Professional Development for my school teams, and guide and empower teachers so that they can be the best for their students and themselves.  

As I finish this school year up here in Alaska surrounded by a faculty that is no less than incredible in every way, it saddens me that I have to say goodbye.  I have learned a tremendous amount as a first-year administrator while working side-by-side with this tremendous group of staff.  They have taught me the value of listening, being their biggest advocates, making difficult choices for the betterment of our whole school and putting our students first in every decision we make.

Although there have been no final decisions made as of yet in what lies ahead for me, there are "several pokers in the fire" and hopefully in the coming weeks, I will receive an offer and confirmation on where I will land next year.  Fingers crossed.  Regardless of what happens, I am humbled and amazed at the level of support and encouragement that I have had.  I'm truly blessed.


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