Monday, June 30, 2014

The next chapter is about to begin

3 kids, 2 parents, & 1 final PCS move across North America.
1 Ferry ride out of Alaska = 2,500 miles
1 truck for the road trip = 3,000 miles.
Returning home to be with family...again...and for good!
A 23-year Air Force Retirement, celebrating a long, decorated career.
New doors opening to learn & grow as a civilian & as a "Mr."
The opportunity to be in leadership at the school where my teaching career began.
The chance to work side-by-side & have a more widespread, positive impact on students, parents, faculty and the community.

The journey continues as we say goodbye to Alaska today and "see you again soon" to the friends that have come into our lives;
The next chapter is about to begin.

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