Thursday, June 26, 2014

Quick Catch Up

Sorry for the lack of blog posts the last several days;
This has been our life thus far this week:
Monday started out looking like this...
By Tuesday, the entire top floor was packed.
Thomas & the girls thought it was so awesome to go around the house reading the labels on every box, especially all the ones that had their own names on it!
By today, it felt like a closterphobic cave with boxes piled to the ceiling & in front of the windows.
The great news is that tomorrow everything will be crated and ready to hit the wide-open road on the truck and head south to Florida.
And then with an empty house, we will be one step closer to saying a final goodbye to friends & Alaska after calling this beautiful place "home" for the last 3 years.
 I hope to pump out a few blog posts that I've been working on in between packing, realizing how much dust is actually in my house and trying to stay sane as Brian & I navigate the beginnings of the next chapter of our lives that is about to begin.

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