Thursday, June 5, 2014

The End of 1st Grade According to Thomas

With 1st grade successfully behind him and summer already underway, here's a quick look at what the end of 1st grade was like according to Thomas.

My favorite teacher is: Ms. Mahoney & Ms. Whitimore but I really did like most of my teachers
My favorite subject is:  reading nonfiction stories
My favorite color is: turquoise
My favorite food is: hot dogs and pizza
My favorite sport is: watching football but playing soccer
My favorite book is: Birds of Prey & the Big Book of Why?
My favorite toy is: Switch-n-Go Dinosaurs
My favorite game is: Gate of Wonders (which is a game my friends and I made up)
My favorite movie/TV show is: Batman (cartoon), Backyardigans, and Disney’s Cars & Planes
My favorite indoor activity is: playing Legos
My favorite outdoor activity is: playing with my friends & going swimming
My best friends are: Chris, Adian, Adian (from kindergarten), Liz, Kaitlyn, Zander, Miles and Gaven
When I grow up, I want to be: a father & a toymaker
What makes me happy:  When I look through my Alaska scrapbook that I made.
What makes me sad: when people are mean to me
I am really good at: learning and reading
I love: my mom, my sisters, my dad, my dogs (who have already died) and my entire family
What I liked best about first grade: computer lab days & learning new things
What I like least about first grade: the evaluation day I had to go to right before school started.  I felt like it was silly and a waste of time because I knew all the answers to her questions (assessment on what he had learned in kindergarten for placement in 1st grade)
What I want to do this summer:  move to Florida to see all of my family again.
What I hope to do in 2nd grade: do some math, gym, go on the computer, learn about new cool websites, make & read new books, and learn about history.

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Danifred said...

What a cutie! Big summer ahead for you guys.