Saturday, June 28, 2014

And the journey continues...again

I haven't talked much about the next step in my career now that we are moving on.
Matter of fact, I have kept quiet about job opportunities up until now.
The main reason is that I'm a little superstitious as well as I just don't think social media is the proper place to discuss until the deal is done.
That brings us to the developments over the last month, and more specifically, this week.

I applied for a few assistant principal positions back home in the school district I have spent my entire career in.  Lucky for me and quite different from the situation I found myself in when we first arrived in Alaska, I have a large number of networking connections, I'm still quite familiar with the organization, I have a good professional & personal reputation, and my two mentors are still very much in the thick of things in their respective schools.

With all of that said, there has been a couple of snags I've had to overcome this month, including purchasing a last minute plane ticket to fly home for a proposed interview.  Unfortunately, the school board did not approve the funding for that administrative position just days before the interview was set to take place.  Good thing it was just a small fee to use the airline credit later on this year. 

Another snag was a scheduled interview was due to take place on the same day that our packers and movers were arriving.  As anyone who has moved (especially across the continent) can imagine, flying home on short notice, even a turn & burn, would be extraordinarily difficult for Brian to handle with the kids underfoot.  So with that situation on hand, I was granted a phone interview from 5000 miles away.  That interview took place this past Monday.

That morning, the kids and Brian headed out the door early to meet the packers at the house and also to give me about an hour to get mentally ready for my phone interview.  Never having done one of these before, I was a bit nervous because I was so used to the comforts and convenience of shaking peoples' hands, smiling and making eye contact and having the ability to read their body language as I answered their questions.  However, with some last minute pointers from Brian and peace & quiet throughout the hotel room, I got myself ready and waited for the phone call.

The phone rang exactly on time.
The interviewer, who I actually have not had the pleasure of meeting yet, introduced everyone in the room who was on the conference call and we individually exchanged "hellos".  Out of a 7-person committee, I personally knew 5 of those folks.  This was definitely to my advantage and helped offset the 5000 mile distance.  After the 30-minute, 8-question interview was complete, I was kindly told that I would hear back within the next few hours today.  TODAY?  Wow, a decision was being made today and the newly appointed Assistant Principal would be presented by the superintendent at the School Board meeting tonight.  Holy Cow.  Talk about a quick turnaround answer.

I thanked the committee for their time and their accommodation for the phone interview while they wished me well & thanked me for the interview.

Just two hours later, the phone rang & again, it was the interviewer.
She thanked me once again for the interview and then said, "On behalf of the Superintendent, we would like to offer you the position of Assistant Principal."

Just like this time last year when I was blessed and humbled to be given the opportunity to stretch my wings and continue my journey in a different direction in my education career, once again another door has opened and I'm anxious, eager & ready to step in help make a positive impact and difference in a place that is home to me.  A place where I have spent my entire teaching career.  A place where I know the traditions, the culture, the expectations, and the people.
I'm going home to Indian Territory.
I'm truly excited to be the new Assistant Principal of Choctawhatchee High School.

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