Saturday, June 7, 2014

Friday Night Leftovers (farewells & goodbyes edition)

  • The tooth fairy made another house visit to us.  That is a total of 3 teeth so far.
  • This has been another week of farewells & goodbyes to friends & colleagues.  Goodbye playdates, Goodbye lunches, Goodbye dinners and Goodbye drinks. This is most certainly the part of military life that is one of toughest.
  • Marilyn is so inquisitive. She is absolutely so interesting to have a conversation with.
  • This week I've spent many uninterrupted hours cleaning out & sorting.  I'm happy to say that the kids' bedrooms and the playroom are DONE!  Junk and old toys are gone.  Amen!
  • I'm happy to say that all (but one) of our road trip reservations are booked! 
  • I can't believe that our boy will be 7 years old in just 7 days.  Crazy.  But you know what - he will always be my baby boy.
  • We've got another new adventure planned for Sunday... "muddy" pictures to follow at the end of the weekend.

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