Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mud Factor Run

 Today was another new adventure for the Hecks...
A 2 mile Mud Factor Run!
Complete with tattoos and bandanas, Daddy, Thomas & Abby took on the muddy obstacle course!
For kicks we called them our Little MFers!
 Meanwhile, Marilyn & me were the photographers!

 Coming through the trail run portion of the Mud Run...

 This boy LOVED it!
 And this girl loved it too, but there was no way she wanted any part of the mud!
 When they got to the massive climbing wall, Abby did have reservations about the height so decided to bypass it and wait for the boys on the other side.

 Look at Thomas' reaction as he & Brian finished the climbing wall...
 More mud

 Brian at the top of the finish line mud slide as he watches Thomas make it all the way to the bottom.
(I'm so bummed that I missed getting a picture of him sliding down)
 As expected, Abby skipped the muddy slide and ran to the finish line...squeaky clean!

 My favorite picture...
Our Mud Runners!

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